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Photographer, Writer, Educator


I am drawn to the extraordinary that I see in everyday people and everyday life.


I practice the technical and meditative process of capturing unstaged moments; none of my images are contrived or composited.


I am preoccupied with the blink of reality when a gesture flicks, a light escapes a shadow, an expression emerges, and the magic of photographer, camera, and moment, meet.


In knowing that my images are decisive moments, I hope you feel invited to pause and look closer, to wonder further, and to see these types of moments all around you.







I am regularly seeking opportunities to show and share my evolving collection of images.  

I only exhibit and sell limited edition prints. 

Each edition has a total of eight prints (five prints in the Edition and three Artist Proofs). 

The prints exhibited and sold have been taken in the last ten years.

Please be in touch should you want to host my images, capture a specific subject, or purchase a picture. 


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